About Our Olive Oil

La Panza Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil is processed from olives grown, harvested and milled right here on La Panza Ranch.  Olives are brought to our state-of-the-art Alfa Laval mill within hours of being harvested which guarantees the freshest olive oil you have ever tasted.  We are proud to say we are estate grown and produced with exceptional quality control from orchard to bottle.

La Panza Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oils meet or exceed international standards for purity and quality.  All three varietals meet the Olive Oil Commission of California (OOCC) standards and are California Olive Oil Council (COOC) certified.

About Our Varietals

We grow three different varietals of olives on the ranch.  Arbequina, a small aromatic olive, ripens to a dark brown or black in early fall.  The oil is fruity with flavor profiles ranging from green grass, green almond, and green tea to herbaceous and buttery. Arbequina oil is perfect for dressing salads, dipping or in fresh pesto sauces.

Our second varietal is the Arbosana olive. This Spanish varietal produces an oil that has a medium and robust taste with a distinctive flavor profile. Green grass is the most dominant taste, while hints of green almond, green tomato and artichoke are present. This is a great oil to drizzle over seared meat or pasta, and can be used in baking to accompany any chocolate flavors. Arbosana can be used alone or blended with other varietals - a very versatile oil and necessary for every cook!

Our third varietal, Koroneiki, is from Greek rootstock. This fruit is small but produces a high yield of oil. It is our most spicy and robust of the three, and delivers quite the punch. It provides a delicious peppery flavor that other oils cannot. Given the strong flavor profile, we typically do not bottle this oil alone. Therefore, we add it to our award winning signature La Panza Ranch Outlaw Blend to bring a special zing to the oil.